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Decio Duarte

Experience in setting strategic direction of business, as well as deep knowledge to analyses and evaluate operating procedures, giving recommendations to solve eventual problems.

Working for 45 years, of which, 33 years for Perstorp, a Swedish Chemical Group and 9 years for Cerberus Capital Management, through the American Formica, being in total 22 years as CEO. He was also Director and Board Member at Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and a Board Member of Electrolux.


Nico Torteli​

3x startup founder. Innovating in mobile money before the iPhone and Bitcoin were invented.  As a serial entrepreneur who started my career as an executive in different financial and technology companies, I have the expertise to build and manage startup companies with short-term needs, medium-term aspirations, and long-term dreams. These are companies where teams must learn and develop from what does not work and what does work in any given industry. People that I have worked with know that many brilliant ideas along the road will be replaced by numerous tryouts where some will be proved to be wrong and will have to be abandoned, while others will have to be adapted to succeed.​

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