Yamas Start UP Fund

Fund Objectives


The Fund aims to identify emerging businesses for investments in technology startups that challenge the main sectors of the economy (multi-billion dollar segments) in order to gain market share quickly and consistently while remaining as a "state of the art" player by creating and use of technology. Investment Strategy The investments will be relevant, respecting the management of the founders of the startups, but allowing influence on the definition of the strategy and the exponential return on the investment made within five to seven years. Active participation in the governance of the company through the Yamas Board of experts, enabling the founders to exchange experiences and complete dedication to the startup's objectives. Investments in focus The Fund is in the final analysis of investment in three businesses related to the means of payment (B2B), logistics (B2C) and retail (B2B) sectors, which meet the characteristics of being innovative and disruptive in its multi-billion dollar segments, through the use of technology and differentiated approach.