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Business Consultant

Team and Structure​
We are a high performance team with relevant experience in the financial market and a strong knowledge of the Brazilian marketplace. In addition, our corporate structure is based on the partnership model, fostering a meritocratic culture and aimed at retaining talent in the long run.​


Deal Sourcing​
The vast network of relationships enables direct access to entrepreneurs and companies in any industry in which the Fund wishes to engage.​


Flexible Transaction Structure​
The seniority and experience allows for a sophisticated view of investment opportunities, which combines a deep assessment of the companies to be invested with the best financial instruments and transaction structures available.​


Investment Capacity​
Ability to attract co-investors, in order to complement the fund’s capital contributions.​


“Hands On” Philosophy​
Active participation of the partners in the strategic decision process and on the direct monitoring of the day-to-day execution of the business plan.​