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Yamas Investments

We are a Private Equity driven to create long term value for our investors and positive impact to the society. 

On the premise that investors would be best served by an investment services firm free of the conflicts of interest inherent to large, multi-product financial institutions.


We believed that by maintaining the highest standards of excellence we could create a firm unlike any other in terms of capabilities to our investors.

Partnership between talented and experienced professionals dedicated to providing Private Equity services.

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How we work

How we work

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As private fund managers and administrators, Yamas provides through funds, investment to grow your business or fund a change in ownership – in return for a share in the company. Unlike raising debt, you’ll also be backed by experienced business partners.

"Helping you build your business, your way."

Yamas philosophy is to bring experienced professional as industry specialists boards members in each fund to enhance value to a prominent and diverse set of investors, including leading local and multinational corporations, family-based enterprises and high net worth individuals.

  • Hands on Strategic approach helping investors devise strategies to enhance shareholder value and advises them on the implementation of the most complex strategies.​

  • Investment banking approach allows for confidential and independent view, eliminating the potential for conflicts of interest inherent to large, multi-product financial institutions.​

  • Through strategic alliances and partnerships, we broadens our geographic reach and access investors and key players in the international market.

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Private Equity

Private Equity

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Team and Structure​
We are a high performance team with relevant experience in the financial market and a strong knowledge of the Brazilian marketplace. In addition, our corporate structure is based on the partnership model, fostering a meritocratic culture and aimed at retaining talent in the long run.​

​“Hands On” Philosophy​
Active participation of the partners in the strategic decision process and on the direct monitoring of the day-to-day execution of the business plan.​

Investment Capacity​
Ability to attract co-investors, in order to complement the fund’s capital contributions.​​

Flexible Transaction Structure​
The seniority and experience allows for a sophisticated view of investment opportunities, which combines a deep assessment of the companies to be invested with the best financial instruments and transaction structures available.​​

Deal Sourcing​
The vast network of relationships enables direct access to entrepreneurs and companies in any industry in which the Fund wishes to engage.​

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Startup Fund

Fund Objectives


The Fund aims to identify emerging businesses for investments in technology startups that challenge the main sectors of the economy (multi-billion dollar segments) in order to gain market share quickly and consistently while remaining as a "state of the art" player, supported by the best available technologies and methodologies to development systems.

Investment Strategy


The investments will be relevant, respecting the management of the founders of the startups, but allowing influence on the definition of the strategy and the exponential return on the investment made within five to seven years. Active participation in the governance of the company through the Yamas Board of experts, enabling the founders to exchange experiences and complete dedication to the startup's objectives.

Investments in focus


The Fund is in the final analysis of investment in three businesses related to the means of payment (B2B), logistics (B2C) and retail (B2B) sectors, which meet the characteristics of being innovative and disruptive in its multi-billion dollar segments, through the use of technology and differentiated approach.

Sector of expertise

Sector of Expertise

Investment Philosophy​

Our Private Equity investment philosophy is to provide long-term capital to foster the growth of midsize companies in Brazil through organic growth, consolidation and the improvement of their capital structures.​

A fundamental component of this philosophy relies on the “hands on” approach of the  partners relative to the investees, participating in their strategic decision processes and following closely the day-to-day execution of their business plans.​


Investment strategy focusing on sectors with high growth perspectives and highly competitive companies with an entrepreneurial management approach​.


Full commitment of the management team in the continuous search for outperforming returns under strict principles of capital preservation.

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Our team

Our Team

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+55 11 98426-0621

Co-Founder - Infrastructure & Real Estate Specialist​

Professional Certified CGA (Anbima) and authorized CVM to Fund Management.
Rogerio joined one of the largest consultant Firm in the world in 1987. His experience covers several sectors such as: Technology, Telecom, Energy and Services. During the last ten years he works on dealing with Merger and Acquisition in Brazil, dealing with Nacional and International stakeholders. Leading a team of more than 200 professionals and supervised numerous deals, including the most recent and successful privatization of Energy Distributors. He received an MBA from Ohio University – College of Business, and he has also post-graduations (3) in Finance, Management Accountant and Global Broker.

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+55 11 98426-2192

Co-Founder - Healthcare & Pharma Specialist​

He joined one of the largest consultant Firm in the world in 1991. With an extensive financial background, companies in M&A transactions, economic valuations and viability studies in various industries, including food and beverage, pharma and healthcare, retail, other consumer goods and automotive parts. Prior to joining worked for other services and manufacturing companies, including Lloyds Bank. He has a bachelor degree in public administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas - São Paulo. 



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+55 11 98612-3727

Co-Founder - Agribusiness  & Food and Beverage Specialist​

He joined one of the largest consultant Firm in the world in 1995. Extensive experience in M&A transactions. He has originated and executed M&A engagements involving both domestic and multinational clients.  He also brings extensive experience in economic valuations, market entry analysis and feasibility studies.​

Has developed strong sector expertise through his work in the Financial Services, Agribusiness and including food and beverage.​

Holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and Accounting and is responsible for the Origination group and Market Study.​

Our Board

Our Advisory Board Members

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Experience in setting strategic direction of business, as well as deep knowledge to analyses and evaluate operating procedures, giving recommendations to solve eventual problems.

Working for 45 years, of which, 33 years for Perstorp, a Swedish Chemical Group and 9 years for Cerberus Capital Management, through the American Formica, being in total 22 years as CEO. He was also Director and Board Member at Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and a Board Member of Electrolux.



Logo Linkedin 1.jfif.jpg

3x startup founder. Innovating in mobile money before the iPhone and Bitcoin were invented.  As a serial entrepreneur who started my career as an executive in different financial and technology companies, I have the expertise to build and manage startup companies with short-term needs, medium-term aspirations, and long-term dreams. These are companies where teams must learn and develop from what does not work and what does work in any given industry. People that I have worked with know that many brilliant ideas along the road will be replaced by numerous tryouts where some will be proved to be wrong and will have to be abandoned, while others will have to be adapted to succeed.​

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